Dear Our Partners,

TURAN MACHINE PLASTIC PIPE SYSTEMS INC. CO., which makes production by having used “Eco-friendly Production Technologies” since its foundation, has had its sensitivity to the environment approved in national and international area by receiving the EN ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System” certificate.

TURAN MACHINE PLASTIC PIPE SYSTEMS INC. CO., which promises to comply with all the national and international Environmental Legislation Directives and Environment Regulations, declares legal evaluation reports to the ministry with the “Environmental Management Unit” it established by fulfilling its all legal obligations.

Environmental Management Programs and Projects for Protecting Environmental Health prepared by the Environmental Management Unit are realized within the body of the TURAN MACHINE PLASTIC PIPE SYSTEMS INC. CO. It also shares the environmental consciousness that it actualized within its own body with its neighbors, suppliers and customers by making it an environmental policy.

Our natural sources decrease every passing day because of world population increase and change in consumption habits. Urbanization, population increase and high welfare level cause an increasing waste production. For this reason, it is necessary to use the natural sources in efficiently by recycling wastes which are recyclable. Glass, metal, plastic and paper packages are provided as a result of usage of our natural sources in production process. Shipping the packages launched to the recycle industry as classified after they become waste provides a positive effect on less usage of our natural sources, saving in space and energy which are necessary for transportation and storage of the wastes and country economy…

Dear Our Partners,

It will be sufficient if you reach the packages to the closest packaging waste collecting points by classifying them according to their qualities (paper, glass, plastic etc.) for recycle of the packages we use while presenting our products. If there is not any close packaging waste collection point and your municipality does not have any work on this, you can apply to your municipality. Provincial, district and first tier municipalities are obliged to prepare a management plan about the collection of your packaging wastes separately and collect your wastes or have them collected within the context of the packaging wastes control regulation.

In this context, it will be appropriate for you to give your wastes after usage to the closest Licensed Recycle firms after classifying them (glass, plastic, paper, metal, wood). You can reach the Licensed Recycle firms via the link http://atikyonetimi.cevreorman.gov.tr of the Waste Management Authority Directorate of T.R. Environment and Town Planning Ministry. In addition, you can get the necessary support from our Environmental Engineer fellows by calling the Environmental Management Unit of our country. (info@organizecevre.com).
To live in a honorable and prosperous environment that provides independence, equality and sufficient living conditions is a fundamental right of a human. A human has serious responsibilities to protect and enhance the environment for the next generation.

For this reason, we, as the TURAN MACHINE PLASTIC PIPE SYSTEMS INC. CO., call you to have necessary consciousness and sensitivity for fulfilling our responsibilities.

Best regards,