TURAN MAKİNA has been operating since 1995, the year of our establishment, and continues to perform in a respectful way for the human beings and the nature. We take part in the construction sector with our manufacturing that is based fully on cutting-edge technology and domestic goods. We continue our work in the construction infrastructure sector with our team of experts in their fields. OUR PRODUCTS; Plastic pipe butt-welding machines, Plastic pipe fittings, TSE 1555-3,TSE ISO EN 12176-1 document, CE certificate and GOS certificate of our in-house manufactured machines are available. QUALITY STANDARDS Customer Orientation ; Continuous and consistent customer orientation is the most crucial factor fort he success of a company in business world. It is not sufficient to solely meet customer requests. It is vital for the company to foresee contingencies and go beyond customer expectations. For that reason, the company with all of its constituents should direct its efforts towards fulfilling customer requests. In a company that successfully internalizes and implements the Customer Orientation principle: Customer requests have been understood by the organization as a whole. Internal company objectives are linked to customer expectations.. The ability of the company to fulfill customer expectations through daily (ordinary) activities has been improving. Company employees have the essential knowledge and the ability to ensure customer satisfaction.